If you’ve spent any time driving in Northern Virginia, then you probably have your own personal list of driving pet peeves, the things you think other drivers are doing to contribute to accidents. If asked, many people would cite accident reasons like aggressive driving, cell-phone use, distracted driving, following too closely and more.

Care to see how accurate you are? Here is the list of top 5 causes for traffic accidents in Virginia for all age groups:

  1. Following too close: 29,551 (40%)
  2. Failure to yield: 22,799 (31%)
  3. Speeding: 7,217 (10%)
  4. Driver distraction: 6,420 (9%)
  5. Ran traffic control: 7,044 (10%)

Does this list surprise you at all? If you find tailgaters frustrating, then you have good reason to be concerned about their actions as a full 40% of all Virginia crashes are caused by tailgating. Failure to yield the right of way isn’t too far behind, and these two accident causes explain a full 71% of Virginia crashes.


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