You’ve been injured at work, and you are desperate for some physical and financial relief from your accident injuries. Yet, you may feel like you can’t get a straight answer from anyone about how to pursue your recovery. While you may feel discouraged or anxious right now, it is important to know your rights and to take the actions necessary to protect your recovery.

3 Secrets Your Virginia Employer May Not Share With You About Workers’ Comp 

While some employers are very forthcoming with information and helpful to workers who have been injured, other employers are more secretive about workers’ compensation rights. You have the right to know that:

  • Your Virginia employer is required to maintain workers’ comp insurance if he has three or more employees.
  • Workers’ comp covers workers who are hurt at their place of employment and off site if they are off site to perform their job.
  • Workers’ comp is supposed to be no-fault insurance. That means that even if you make a mistake that causes your own accident, you should still be able to recover damages.

Of course, these are only three important parts of workers’ comp law. The laws also specify what you might recover for particular injuries.

Don’t Be Left in the Dark. Contact a Charlottesville Workers’ Comp Lawyer Today.

For more information about your unique injury, we encourage you to call an experienced Virginia workers’ compensation lawyer today at 434-985-6000 for a free consultation about all of your legal rights and your potential recovery.

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