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The death of a spouse, parent, or child is devastating beyond words - particularly if it occurred in an auto or truck accident which should have been prevented.  In a wrongful death case, the emotional and financial tolls on surviving family members are immense.  Virginia's legal system is challenging, and surviving family members may not be able to "go it alone" against the wrongdoer's insurance company.  

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The Difficult Valuation Of A Wrongful Death in Virginia

For survivors, the consequences of a wrongful death case are typically divided as follows:

First are economic damages, comprised of medical expenses, funeral expenses, and lost income of the deceased victim. Of these, the lost income portion is often the greatest, especially where the victim was the provider for a family and is leaving a surviving spouse or children. In these cases, we work closely with economic and vocational experts to correctly project lost future earnings and surviving family members' true economic damages.  This alone can be tremendous. 

Second, are the devastating emotional damages experienced by survivors. These include the obvious grief, anguish, sorrow and the loss of the deceased victim’s companionship which is felt by the surviving family members.

Third, but not as common, are punitive damages. This type of damage recovery is usually reserved for cases involving the worst type of wrongdoing, such as drunk driving or intentional wrongdoing. Under Virginia law, punitive damages are intended to serve as additional compensation to injured victims in order to punish the wrongdoer and prevent similar conduct in the future. Although relatively rare in Virginia, punitive damages may be recoverable in any specific case and play a valuable role in society in deterring the worst forms of conduct.

The Attorney You Choose Can Make A Difference

The value of any wrongful death case depends on the evidence, and may ultimately rest in a courtroom.  Therefore, experience and reputation are essential.  We've handled many wrongful death cases valued up to several million dollars.  While most results are kept confidential, some are listed on our case results page.  

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