Virginia Motorcycle AccidentUnlike other drivers, motorcyclists lack the safety benefits of steel cage surroundings, bumpers, airbags, or safety belts. Motorcycle collisions often result in serious injury or death, specifically when the other driver is at fault. 

Due to the serious nature of motorcyclists' injuries, we believe these cases call for attorneys who focus on personal injury law.  Injured bikers usually have fractures, have undergone surgery, or often will need future medical care. 

We routinely consult with treating doctors in order to fully grasp the nature of your injuries, past treatment, and future treatment which may be required.  Complete knowledge of medical evidence allows us to correctly represent your interest to an insurance company executive, judge, or jury in a court of law.

How Are Virginia Motorcycle Accident Cases Different Than Car Accident Cases?

Motorcycle cases involve many of the same issues and challenges as exist in a car accident case.  However, there may be unique issues of insurance coverage which apply strictly to motorcycles.  For this reason, you may wish to discuss your accident with an attorney.  

Virginia Motorcyclist

As in any case, the insurance company is experienced and has its own legal counsel.

They're not necessarily looking after you.   


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