Route 66 Car Accident Results in Warrenton, VA Injuries

If you've been injured by another driver's careless conduct, you're entitled to recover damages taking into account medical expenses, lost earnings, and amounts for injury, pain, and inconvenience.  However, these damages aren't guaranteed under the law - they must be correctly proven, and the burden of proof rests with you.  

Under Virginia law, a reckless driver's insurance company has no legal obligation to cooperate.  In too many cases, they simply choose to delay or deny.  In a serious personal injury case, the lawyer you choose will make a  difference.  

Our Virginia Car Accident Lawyers Will Handle the Insurance Company, So You Can Focus on Your Life

We'll handle all communication with the other driver's insurer, investigate the accident, analyze the medical data, and work with your doctors to get a full understanding of your injuries.  Our Virginia auto accident attorneys determine and assess the evidence necessary to present it correctly to the insurance company.  There are no shortcuts, and every step we take is necessary to obtain full compensation for the damage done to your life.

The insurance company has its own attorneys and resources.  You may find the need for your own advocate - someone on your side with the experience to meet the challenges of your case.  We routinely work with specialized experts to overcome roadblocks and prove the essential elements for your recovery. These may include medical professionals to correctly demonstrate your injury, vocational specialists, toxicologists in drunk driving cases, or even accident reconstruction specialists.  

Virginia Auto Accident Injury Hospital Helicopter Ambulance

Every auto accident case is unique and there's one thing we can assure you:  while the law offers no guarantees, having an experienced advocate on your side is often essential to get the recovery you deserve. 

It's Not Just About Settling

We don't just settle cases with insurance companies.  We're able to resolve most cases through direct negotiation which is preferable for many reasons.  However, if the other side refuses to deal fairly we won't hesitate to protect your interest in court.  Whether we settle your case directly or try it in a courtroom before a jury, we intend to see it through.  

If you'd like to explore your options, contact us for a free consultation.  

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Whether or not you choose to hire our firm, we'll give you simple, direct advice.  It's the only way we know.

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