When we think about safety or getting injured at work many times we don’t think about our part in it. Regardless of how much our employers put their time and money into keeping us safe, we have to do our part too to prevent a Virginia worker’s compensation claim.

There are a few myths that we fall into believing but that can actually be prevented:

  • The first myth is that it is impossible to have a hazard-free workplace. This is not true. If the employer puts in the needed time and money and the employers do their part in following the right safety measures, most injuries can be prevented.  Far too often, employees get too relaxed in their work day and start to follow fewer and fewer safety precautions. This could be something as simple as wearing a hard hat at all times in a construction site or latching the safety belt on a fork lift. These little things can be the difference between staying safe and getting injured.
  • Another myth employers believe is that safety takes too much time and money. When you stop and take a look at the cost/benefit analysis, you can see that it is much more expensive to have to pay for an injured employee than it is to prevent them from getting injured in the first place. Putting up a little extra time and money at first to maintain a safe environment is much more financially beneficial. Oftentimes the employer is too eager to make money that he or she glosses over some of the other crucial aspects of running a business.
  • One other major myth is that accidents happen no matter what. While there is some truth that accidents do occur despite precautions, research has shown that 99 percent of all accidents were preventable. Most of the time it’s because someone got lazy and stopped being cautious. When employees are doing their part, many accidents can be prevented. This is beneficial to everyone involved.

Getting injured at work can be overwhelming. Let us help you during this stressful situation to ensure that you are getting the compensation owed to you. Contact Dulaney, Lauer & Thomas today to speak to someone about your case. 

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