We see them every day when we are driving around: men and women working on Virginia construction sites. Sometimes they are working on a new building, or repairing an old one. But do you ever stop to think about how often these workers suffer fatal injuries on site? The Bureau of Labor Statistics just released their most recent report on the number of fatal injuries for construction workers from 2011.

The Bureau included statistics from a few different industries including transportation, mining, and service industries. The information regarding construction workers is as follows:

  • Fatal work injuries in construction and extraction occupations saw a slight decline from the previous year. There were 770 reported fatalities in 2011. This is the lowest level recorded since the first recording in 2003.
  • The construction industry saw a seven percent decline to 511 injured workers. This is a 48 percent decline from the highest reported year in 2006.
  • The subgroup with the highest level of injuries is the construction laborers. They also saw a decline of six percent from the previous year.
  • The age group with the highest increase came from the 20-24 year olds.
  • Workers under the age of 18 and over the age of 55 both saw a decline from the previous year.
  • The overall numbers were in decline 42 percent since the highest reported numbers in 2006.
  • Workers from Hispanic and African American ethnic backgrounds reported an increase of injuries as compared to their Caucasian counterparts, who reported a three percent decrease.
  • Male workers saw a decline in comparison to female workers, who had a slight increase.

There is a risk for serious injury or death in all occupations. However, some occupations have a higher propensity for injury due to the nature of the work. This is especially true for construction. 

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