It isn’t only the physical pain of your accident injuries or the shock of your workplace accident that is making things tense with your employer. While you have always gotten along well with your employer, you have noticed a change in the way that you are being treated. Things are suddenly very tense at the scene of the accident and may remain tense for some time to come.

You and Your Employer Do Not Have to Be on Opposite Sides

Your employer may immediately become concerned about what this accident is going to cost and whether his workers’ compensation premiums are going to go up. He or she may try to convince you to accept a low payment for your accident injuries.

Yet, you know that you have been seriously hurt, and you know what you need to recover. It may seem like you and your employer are at odds, but you don’t have to be, and you don’t have to handle negotiations directly with your employer.

A Winchester Workers’ Compensation Lawyer May Be Able to Help

Instead of talking directly to your employer about your potential recovery, you have the right to hire a Virginia workers’ comp lawyer to help you. Your lawyer can make it clear that you are not trying to get anything to which you aren’t legally entitled, that you value your position with the business, and that you look forward to a good working relationship in the future. At the same time, your attorney will fight for your fair and just recovery.

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