You depend on your eyes for almost everything that you do. When you are driving to work, doing your job, watching your child’s baseball game, or relaxing in front of the TV, for example, you need your eyes. What will you do now? How will you continue doing the things that you love and the things that you need to do when you can’t see?

Your Life Will Change

It can be difficult to accept, but your life will change if you are unable to see after your construction eye injury. You may need:

  • Medical and rehabilitation treatment. Your medical treatment will depend on your unique injury but may include eye surgery, glasses, occupational therapy, and other services.
  • Assistance at home. You may need help driving, cooking, and taking care of yourself, at least temporarily. Friends, relatives, co-workers, neighbors, and professionals may all be willing to provide you with the help you need.
  • Vocational training. Your sight may prevent you from working construction, but you may be able to train for another job you would enjoy.

The important thing to remember is that, while your life may change, it is not over. You can still enjoy the things you enjoyed prior to your accident injury.

Don’t Face the Changes Alone—Contact a Warrenton Construction Attorney for Help

Your recovery may cost money. An experienced Warrenton construction accident lawyer will help you get the financial recovery you deserve if you have been injured on a Virginia construction site. Please contact us today for more information about your legal rights and possible recovery. We welcome your call at 540-341-0007 or 888-907-2631.

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subconlaser 02/06/2013 05:57 AM
Having any form of permanent injury during work is bad, especially when its eye injury. This blog explains jut why and also what types of help you can get provided.
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