Serious construction accident injuries often occur when a construction worker is simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. Any worker who is working on a site with a dump truck, or other motor vehicle, may be at risk of suffering an injury in a motor vehicle crash. However, some construction workers may be at greater risk of suffering dump truck construction accident injuries than others at specific times.

Who Is at Greatest Risk of a Construction Dump Truck Accident Injury?

Those who are at greatest risk are those who are routinely around dump trucks and may include:

  • The dump truck backer, or the person responsible for helping the dump truck back up slowly or navigate a turn.
  • The dump truck driver. Injuries may occur not only from collisions, but also from getting on and off the vehicle, overhead wires, and other dangers.
  • Workers who are near the dump truck while it is loading, unloading or moving.

No matter what your job is on the construction site, you may be able to recover damages if you have been injured by a dump truck while on duty.

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