Whenever someone gets behind the wheel, they have certain responsibilities. They have the duty to drive in a cautious manner, taking steps to ensure they are not acting as a hazard on the road. Unfortunately, many drivers are making the big mistake of engaging in distractions. When a driver is distracted and causes a car wreck, he or she may be held liable.

Distracted-driving accidents claim thousands of lives each year and injure many others. In 2010 alone, 416,000 people were hurt in distracted-driving crashes across the nation. Distracted drivers should be held accountable for their negligent actions.

Going back to the original question, if the other driver was distracted and was the cause of the Haymarket car accident, you may be able to recover compensation. If the other driver has insurance, you would pursue the claim with his or her insurance company. Keep in mind, though, that insurance companies are not always easy to work with. When serious injuries are involved, recovering compensation becomes that much more difficult.

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