As with other fields, the practice of law has become more focused.  Many law firms now limit their practice to specific areas such as personal injury, domestic relations, or real estate matters. Personal injury law is complex and evolving. Your opponent is a sophisticated, well funded insurance company with excellent legal counsel. We believe the field has developed to the point where an attorney with a focused personal injury law practice can make a difference. As with any other occupation, an attorney may find it difficult to be a "jack of all trades."

First, a focused firm likely has handled more injury or death cases, and therefore will have a more established track record with insurance companies. Second, it is not only the number of cases handled by an attorney, but the number of cases which an attorney has litigated in our court system and tried to juries. When evaluating injury cases, insurance companies look at the attorney's litigation and trial history. A focused law firm or attorney is more likely to have an established history.  The decision to hire any attorney or law firm must be based on your own comfort level. You should get this after the first consultation. When discussing your case, we encourage you to ask the "tough" questions. Test your attorney's knowledge and experience. After all, you've been hurt through someone else's wrongdoing, and are now facing a sophisticated insurance company. You deserve that assurance of competence.

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Civil litigation attorney in Virginia and is AV Rated by Martindale-Hubbell.

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