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I was taking a prescription drug at the time of my motorcycle accident. Is that relevant to my case? Could it keep me from recovering damages if another driver was negligent?


Many people take prescription drugs every day and drive safely. The fact that you were taking a prescription drug does not in and of itself make you liable for your Virginia motorcycle accident. 

However, it may be relevant to your case. The police and attorneys for the other driver or insurance company may look into how the prescription that you were taking affected your driving. Therefore, it's important to disclose all prescription usage to your accident lawyer to avoid surprises.  

For more information about how your prescription drug use might be relevant to your case and to find out more about recovering fair damages for your accident injuries, we invite you to contact either of our offices. Our lawyers will protect your best interests and work hard to get a fair outcome for your accident case.

Andrew Thomas
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Andrew Thomas is an experienced civil litigation attorney in Virginia and is AV Rated by Martindale-Hubbell.