Deciding whether or not it is necessary to hire a Virginia truck accident attorney depends on a number of factors. 

If your injuries are relatively minor, and it is clear who is at fault for the commercial vehicle accident, you may be able to handle your injury claim on your own. However, some circumstances require the skill of an experienced lawyer. 

Proving a truck accident injury claim can be a complicated process, especially if you do not have a legal background. A lawyer can provide assistance in many ways. 

For example, if it is not clear who was responsible for the accident, a lawyer can collect evidence to establish that the truck driver’s actions or negligence caused the accident, and you should be compensated for any resulting damages. In more complex cases, an investigator may be needed to prove your claim.

A personal injury lawyer also will be more familiar with how much your injury claim is worth. While an insurance company may make you an offer quickly, your lawyer can take the time to look at your current expenses as well as the amount you may pay for future medical treatment. By gathering all of this information, he or she will have a better understanding about what is a fair settlement.

To receive the full amount of compensation after your accident, you must provide proof of your losses. This can be difficult if you are a business owner or consultant who has lost income because of your injuries; the same is true of caregivers. A lawyer can help you with this matter so you aren’t denied damages for lost wages.

Hiring a Virginia Truck Accident Attorney

Even if you are not sure if an attorney is necessary for your injury claim, you can always contact one for a consultation to learn more. The personal injury team at Dulaney, Lauer & Thomas can evaluate your claim and help you deal with the insurance companies. For a free case analysis, please call our law office at 1-888-534-5346 or complete our online contact form today.

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