There has been an increase in the number of motorcycles out on the roads these days. One of the biggest reasons is the economy. People can commute around town and to and from work for a much lower cost than their large SUV. This increase of bikes also increases the likelihood of an accident.

When the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) studied the cause of motorcycle accidents, they found that over half of the time they are due to a lack of visibility. Far too often the driver of a car or truck doesn’t see a biker, and crashes into them with little or no time to swerve. It is very important for bikers to be aware of this problem. Motorcycles are much smaller than any car, and can get easily lost in a car or truck’s blind spot.

There are a few ways to make yourself more visible as a biker. One of the best ways is to keep a safe distance from other motorists. Never try to weave into traffic to get ahead. Drivers can’t see you until it is too late and there may be no time to react. It’s important also never to drive on the shoulder and cut into traffic. There isn’t any way to know when traffic flow is going to speed up or slow down, and it may be dangerous when you try to get back into the lane.  

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