Not every personal injury claim is settled with the insurance company from the start, and those that do are often settled for far less than what they are worth. When your financial future is at stake, you need to give yourself every advantage necessary to make sure you obtain a full settlement for your damages, both current and estimated future losses. 

When an insurance company denies your claim or only offers to pay for minimal damages related to your accident, it’s time to bring your claim to a Virginia personal injury attorney. You most will likely need to bring the matter before the court in a personal injury lawsuit to obtain the compensation that’s rightfully yours. 

Because the Virginia negligence laws follow a contributory negligence system, you must be found to be without fault in the cause of the accident to recover damages. Many personal injury lawsuits are dismissed because a claimant was wrongfully accused of being partially at fault for the accident – barring them from recovering any compensation. 

You also should seek the help of a personal injury attorney when your accident involves multiple parties or a government entity because these claims often can be much more complex and follow different rules. 

The delicate nature of a Virginia personal injury lawsuit means there are many things that can occur that jeopardize your right to a fair settlement. A Front Royal personal injury attorney can help you understand negligence laws and protect your claim from being wrongfully denied before you have a chance at the settlement you deserve. 

Don’t File a Personal Injury Lawsuit without a Personal Injury Attorney 

When you’re the victim of another’s negligence and suffer serious injuries, you have the right to the help of a personal injury attorney - and you should exercise that right immediately! A personal injury lawsuit can be a frustrating and difficult process to handle without an experienced attorney on your side. 

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