The easy answer to this is everyone. Especially teenagers. However, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has provided some number regarding ethnic backgrounds and age.

Teens of Hispanic decent have been found at the highest level of risk for this behavior. Within that demographic, male Hispanic teens were at the highest risk. They are at around a 14 percent chance for drinking versus the females around eight percent.

The age demographic is in line with many behaviors during a teenager’s senior year of high school. Teens age 18 and up were at the highest risk. When compared with the 16-year-old age group, there is a significant jump in risk. Around 50 percent more of teens aged 18 and older were likely to drink and drive compared to their 16-year-old counterparts. Males in this 18-and-older group were also much more at risk than the females of the same age.

Regardless of ethnic background and age, parents can help teach their children about the risks and consequences of drinking and driving. Prevention goes a long way.

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