Your Virginia personal injury claim relies heavily on evidence, both for and against you, when it comes time to settle. 

While you work with your local personal injury law firm to provide:  

  • medical records of your injuries;
  • proof of your lost wages;  
  • proof of your inability to work; and
  • proof of the damage the accident has caused to your wellbeing, the insurance companies are doing much the same – but not in your favor. 

During the course of filing your claim the insurance company will try to find any evidence that your injuries are not as severe as you report, or that you were more at fault for the accident than the other parties involved. Either of these factors could mean your settlement value will be reduced or even denied.

There have been many situations where injured claimants are:  

  • followed by private investigators hired by the insurance company;
  • put on video surveillance; and
  • have their social media accounts watched by the insurance adjusters.  

Any actions you take that could be construed as a misrepresentation of your claim could be used against you.

To protect yourself from damaging your claim when you’re unsure if you’re being spied on is to work closely with a professional attorney from Front Royal. A law firm that focuses on settling your Virginia personal injury claim will know the methods to help protect you from the watchful eye of the insurance company.

Honesty is the best policy with an injury claim and you should try not to embellish how serious your injuries are. Whenever you’re in doubt, it’s time to talk to an injury attorney for some solid legal advice.

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