The sun is out, and the weather is warming up. After this past winter, you are itching to get back on your motorcycle and to enjoy the spring weather. However, before you get on the road, it is important to be aware of three spring motorcycle riding dangers that could affect your safety—and it is important to know how to reach a Strasburg motorcycle attorney if you’ve been injured.

3 Springtime Hazards for Motorcyclists

Some of the things that you need to watch out for as you get back on your bike this spring include:

  1. Rain. Wet roads may be slippery roads, and slippery roads can lead to accidents.
  2. Pot holes. The cold winter temperatures, followed by the moderating temperatures, can lead to pot holes which can be tricky and potentially dangerous for motorcyclists.
  3. Other drivers. Other drivers may be out of practice when it comes to looking out for motorcyclists. They may not see you on the road and may not take the necessary precautions to avoid accidents.

Of course, other hazards also exist, and an accident can occur at any time. Therefore, it is important for all drivers, including those in cars or trucks, to take the necessary steps to avoid Virginia motorcycle accidents.

Call a Strasburg Motorcycle Accident Attorney if You’ve Been Injured

If you are hurt in a Virginia motorcycle accident this spring, or at any time during the year, then we encourage you to call an experienced Strasburg motorcycle accident lawyer for a free consultation. Our lawyers would be pleased to provide you with more information about your rights and possible recovery. Please call us today at 540-636-7100 or 888-534-5346 to learn more.

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