Everyone seems to have an opinion about what you should do after a Virginia motorcycle accident. Your doctor is giving you instructions. Your spouse and/or your parents are giving you instructions. Your employer is putting in his two cents, also.

Even your Front Royal motorcycle accident attorney has opinions about what you should do after you’ve been injured in a motorcycle crash. However, your lawyer also has opinions about what you shouldn’t do after a motorcycle wreck—because what you don’t do is as important as what you do.

3 Things to Avoid After a Motorcycle Crash in Virginia

If you have been hurt in a Virginia motorcycle accident, then it is important to:

  • Avoid making statements to insurance adjusters. What you say can and will be used against you.
  • Delay getting your bike fixed. While you will want to get an estimate (or estimates) for the damage, you do not want to have the bike fixed until your Front Royal personal injury lawyer tells you that it is alright to do so.
  • Refuse or delay medical attention. Some injuries will not be readily apparent, and it is important to get a proper diagnosis and treatment plan in place so that you can have the maximum possible recovery.

These steps, and others, will help you protect your potential recovery.

Call a Front Royal Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Today for More Information

Of course, the list provided above is not comprehensive. You can hurt your possible recovery in as many ways as there are steps to protect it. Thus, it is important for you to contact an experienced Front Royal motorcycle lawyer today at (540) 636-7100 or (888) 534-5346 for more information.

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