On Tuesday May 14, 2013, AAA released a new report called Orange Cones No Phones. The report looked at the cause of Virginia accidents on the I-95 corridor, as construction on the highway’s new express lanes is scheduled to begin.

The AAA survey included information about accidents throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia and found that 80% of accidents are related to distracted driving. In other words, eight out of every ten accidents in Virginia are caused by at least one distracted driver.

Among 900 drivers who frequently use I-95, the AAA study found that about 20% of them have nearly had an accident due to distracted driving and that three percent have had a distracted driving accident. Those numbers change significantly among drivers who admit texting and driving. Forty-two percent of the drivers who admit to texting and driving say they have had a distracted driving accident or a near-miss crash. More than half of the drivers also report talking on their phone while driving.

Additionally, nearly all of the drivers who frequently drive on I-95 in Virginia have seen another driver engage in distracted or dangerous behavior while driving on the highway. 

According to AAA, lack of awareness about distracted driving is not the problem, as about three quarters of drivers report knowing about the dangers.

Our Virginia car accident lawyers wish anyone who has been hurt in a Virginia distracted driving wreck a fast and complete recovery, and we extend our deepest condolences to the families and friends of those who have been killed in distracted driving wrecks.

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