You should contact a Front Royal auto accident attorney before you accept any insurance settlements regarding your Virginia car accident case. It is the insurance adjuster’s job to make the settlement offer sound fair and to make you believe that there is little to no chance that you will ever get more money from the insurance company. However, that may simply be untrue.

Insurance companies act that way because they want you to accept a low settlement. The less money that they pay to you, the more money they are able to realize in profits. While individual insurance adjusters may not be malicious, they are hired to further the efforts of their employers.

Accordingly, it is important to contact an experienced Front Royal car accident attorney before you agree to any insurance settlements. If the settlement is indeed fair, then your lawyer will likely advise you to take it. However, if the settlement is not representative of what you are likely to get after further settlement negotiations or at trial, then your attorney will likely advise you to reject the offer.

Once you agree to a settlement with an insurance company, you will be unlikely to get any additional recovery from the insurer in the future. Accordingly, it is important to call our Front Royal car crash lawyers today at (540) 636-7100 or (888) 534-5346 before you accept a settlement offer.

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