Accidents with large trucks in Virginia can be a nightmare twice over. When a passenger car is struck by a massive 18-wheeler, its occupants are often critically injured. On top of this, getting just compensation for serious injuries or wrongful death from the motor carrier can be a long and arduous process. Motor carriers, faced with the possibility of having to pay a huge settlement, often go to extremes to remove damaging evidence left on the scene. They may deny any wrongdoing, challenge your claims, and use delaying tactics to eventually shortchange your settlement.

This is why victims of a serious crash with a large truck need to seek the advice of an experienced Virginia truck accident attorney.

One set of crucial data to collect right after the accident is information on the truck driver, such as:

  • Commercial driver's license
  • Driver's qualification file, which includes his employment application and previous employment record, road test results, annual review of driver record, list relating to violations of laws and ordinances, and medical examiner's certificates
  • Driver's workers' compensation file
  • Latest medical evaluations and drug test results
  • Driver training documents
  • Disciplinary records and annual reviews by the present and previous employers
  • Driver's cell phone records


Motor carriers are under pressure to hire more drivers. The widely acknowledged driver shortage is often cited as being harmful to truck driving safety because the standards for qualification, training, and safety are set lower for new drivers in a shortage situation. What is not often recognized is that the truck driver shortage is caused, to a large extent, by motor carriers themselves. They pay their drivers by the mile, at a very low rate, with the consequence that truck drivers quit their jobs as soon as they get a chance.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a Virginia truck accident, please contact our Warrenton or Culpeper truck accident attorneys today for a free discussion of your accident case. You will have a clear view if and how our lawyers can protect your rights.

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