Not all truck accident claims are against the driver; in many cases there are other parties such as the trucking company that can be held liable for your damages. During a meeting with your Warrenton truck accident attorney you may find out that the truck driver’s record of duty logs show they had been driving for 20 hours straight – a violation of federal regulations. 

The trucking company that employed your driver or owned the truck involved in the accident is responsible for the safe operation of that truck, including: 

  • driver conduct;
  • equipment maintenance; and
  • cargo safety. 


Consider this scenario: the truck driver that caused your truck accident was tired, fatigued and distracted when they struck your vehicle. In a situation such as this, your attorney could claim that both the driver and the trucking company were negligent in following the federal driving time regulations. The driver knowingly drove over their limits, and the trucking company allowed this violation to happen. 

When filing a claim against a trucking company you’ll definitely want to seek the help of a Warrenton truck accident attorney while you recover from your injuries. Your attorney can help you avoid some of the tactics trucking companies use to avoid injury claims such as destruction of driver records and damaged vehicles. 

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