Yours was not a simple, two-car accident. Instead, there were multiple vehicles that hit each other in your crash. Whether you were hit by just one of these vehicles, or many of these vehicles, you may have suffered significant injuries, and you may have a lot of questions about what caused the crash and your possible recovery.

Multiple Car Crashes Need Not Cause Multiple Headaches

As you can imagine, there may be a lot of finger-pointing after a multiple car accident in Virginia. Nobody wants to accept responsibility, and everyone believes that someone else’s actions, or inactions, started the chain reaction which resulted in the multi-vehicle crash. While it can be difficult for you to figure out who may, or may not, have been responsible for your injuries, the police and your Warren County car crash attorney will work hard to piece together exactly what happened.

Once that has occurred, your Warren County auto accident attorney will let you know who the proper defendant, or defendants, are in your case. It is important to bring a lawsuit against the proper party or parties so that your recovery is not delayed.

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After a lawsuit has been filed against the proper defendants, then serious settlement negotiations may be able to begin. Your Front Royal car accident attorney will advise you as to what a proper settlement may be for your accident injuries and zealously advocate for your full and fair recovery. You may reach an experienced lawyer today via this website or by calling 540-636-7100 or 888-534-5346 to schedule a free consultation.

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