Even a young child could tell you what should be done when one person hurts another. The person who did the hurting should apologize and help make things better for the person who was hurt.

Virginia personal injury law applies the same concept to truck accidents. The party responsible for the accident (or that party’s insurer) should compensate the person who was hurt in a truck crash for his or her past and future medical expenses, lost income, out-of-pocket costs, physical pain, emotional suffering, and other damages.

Yet, Sometimes Filing a Claim Isn’t Enough

The insurer who is legally responsible for paying you these damages may be unwilling to do so unless you convince the insurer that there is no other choice. Often, you will need to present evidence supporting your claims and well-reasoned arguments explaining your position in order to get the insurance company to provide you with a fair and equitable settlement pursuant to Virginia law.

You Don’t Have to Fight on Your Own

Many truck accident victims do not want to fight the insurance company on their own. They have neither the time necessary to conduct the fight nor the same knowledge as the experienced insurance company lawyers and insurance adjusters. 

You do not have to wage this fight on your own. Instead, you can contact an experienced Front Royal truck accident attorney to help you get the fair and equitable damages that you deserve. For more information, please call a Front Royal personal injury lawyer today at 888-534-5346 or 540-636-7100.

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