If you have been injured recently in a Virginia tractor-trailer crash, it can be hard to imagine all the ways in which your life might change. As you begin to recover from your acute injuries in your hospital bed, in a rehab facility, or at home, your mind may begin to wander, and you may begin to think about what your post-accident life may be like.

Learn What to Expect Following Your Truck Accident Injuries

Each individual truck accident victim will have a unique recovery. The effect on your future will depend on the type of injury you suffered, the extent of the injury, your general health, and other factors. Your doctor is in the best position to explain what your limitations may be in the near and distant future.

As Warrenton tractor-trailer accident lawyers, we want you to begin thinking about how injuries will affect your ability:

  • To earn a living. Will you be able to go back to your job? When? Will you be able to go back full time? Will you be able to work another job if you can’t go back to the job you held before the accident? How will your income be affected?
  • To participate in other activities. Can you enjoy the activities you enjoyed prior to your accident? Can you go to family functions? Can you go to religious services? Can you participate in your community or visit with friends?
  • To live independently. Do you need help with daily tasks that you once did without thinking twice? Do you need help managing your household, or with transportation?

Do You Know What to Do Next?

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