You drove safely, but the other guy didn’t. Now you are injured. What happens next?

Reckless drivers plague the roads in our state. Virginia may have a ban on texting while driving, but that doesn’t stop many people from engaging in the activity. However, texting isn’t the only recklessness. How many times have you seen drivers running red lights, speeding, and not paying attention to the road? In fact, you may have found this website because you were hurt by one of these drivers.

2 Things to Consider if a Reckless Driver Hurt You

It can be very frustrating dealing with a serious injury that was no fault of your own. We can’t control the actions of other drivers, but in some cases, we can hold them responsible for their negligence. Here are a couple of things you need to know if you were hurt:

  1. You may not be on the line for your medical bills. If you played no part in the crash, you may be able to hold the other driver liable for your medical expenses. Keep in mind that Virginia has a contributory negligence law, which you can learn more about in one of our frequently asked questions
  2. You should get legal help. It might seem straightforward—the other driver was reckless, caused the crash, and you were injured. You would think you could easily get compensation from his or her insurance company. That is not so in every situation. Insurers often push back when injury claims are filed and adjusters look for ways to justify low settlements. An experienced lawyer can help you.

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