There are many ways to make a Virginia car wreck even worse than it is. As outlined in a recent article, you can make mistakes — like admitting to liability or signing a waiver in exchange for a check — that could ruin your case at a later stage. Yet you can also fail to take a number of crucial steps at the scene of a serious Virginia car accident, and you could be putting lives in danger.
In both cases, it is difficult to blame anyone for making errors. Your Virginia car accident attorney may know what to do and give advice from behind his desk. For people who have just been through the frightening experience of a collision, knowing what to do and keeping a cool head is far from obvious. This is why you should be prepared to:


  • Evaluate the scene: Even if you just emerged from the crash or just arrived on the scene, you will have to take a deep breath and look around you. Is there any danger that oncoming traffic might inflict further damage? If so, rush to signal the hazard with a warning triangle, flashers, or flares. Direct traffic if necessary and bring any unhurt people to the side of the road, out of harm’s way.
  • Look for injuries: If people are injured, call 911, and describe the number of people and type of injuries. Describe the location precisely and the damage to the vehicles, which will allow the emergency crews to come over rapidly and with the adequate tools and team.
  • Wait for the experts: You may help those who are lightly injured, but you should not try to move anyone who has suffered serious back, neck, or head injuries. Keep them warm with clothing or blankets, and offer water if asked. Be attentive to those who say they are feeling okay but who suffered a commotion. They should rest and seek medical help. When police have arrived at the scene, give them the facts, and ask the officer’s name and phone number in order to get a copy of their report. Do not make any statement as to what may have caused the accident.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a Virginia car, truck, or motorcycle accident, please contact our Warrenton or Culpeper attorneys today for a free discussion of your accident case. You will have a clear view if - and how - our lawyers can help in protecting your rights.


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