You know that you have been in a serious Virginia accident, and you know that you have been hurt. What you don’t know is how the other driver is going to pay for what his negligent or deliberate actions have done.  You can’t tell what, if any, car insurance the other driver had at the time of your Virginia accident.

Find Out All the Facts as Quickly as Possible

Before you can begin advocating for your full and fair accident recovery, it is important to know who is responsible for paying for your accident injuries. You will need to sort out:

  • Whether the other driver has car insurance.
  • Whether the other driver has enough car insurance to pay for your accident injuries.
  • Whether the other driver has the means to pay for your accident injuries without insurance.
  • Whether your own car insurance company has any responsibility to pay you for your accident injuries.

This may take some time and may not be easy to do without the help of an experienced Virginia uninsured motorist accident attorney.

Call a Virginia Uninsured Motorist Lawyer Today for More Information

An experienced lawyer can find out the facts about who is responsible for paying your injuries and can advocate for your full, fair, and fast recovery. For more information, we invite you to contact a Culpeper accident attorney today for a free consultation about your rights and possible recovery. Our attorneys can be reached via this website or by calling 540-825-6046 or 800-741-1012.

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