You are struggling with your medical care, or with the reality that your loved one isn’t coming home. Everyday seems to bring new decisions that are difficult to make. Should you go for surgery? Will your insurance cover your rehabilitation? Will you make it through the day without your parent, spouse, or child? Should you file a Virginia personal injury case?

Why You Should File a Drunk Driving Case

The insurance company, or others, may tell you that there is no reason to file a personal injury case if you have been hurt in a drunk driving accident. They may tell you that you will get a fair settlement from the insurance company or that a criminal case has been filed so there is no need to file a civil case.

Neither of those things should dissuade you from filing a personal injury case. The criminal case is irrelevant to your civil case and will not result in damages for you. The insurance company often needs some persuasion to provide you with a fair settlement. Often, the knowledge that you are serious about pursuing a fair recovery even if it means going to court can be the necessary persuasion.

Why You Should Contact a Front Royal Drunk Driving Attorney

An experienced Front Royal drunk driving lawyer can explain your rights and possible recovery. Your attorney will review the pros and cons of filing a Virginia personal injury claim with you so that you can make an informed decision. For more information, we encourage you to contact us today for a FREE consultation. We can be reached via this website or by calling 540-636-7100 or 888-534-5346.

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