It can be difficult to know for sure if someone is driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. But, it is easy to spot a dangerous driver. If you see a driver who is allowing his or her vehicle to drift out of its lane, who is driving recklessly, driving at inconsistent speeds, or breaking multiple traffic laws, you should act for the safety of yourself and others.

•    Call the authorities. Whether you call the police department or 911, be sure to let an official know about the driver—just as you would if you saw an accident or another hazard on the road.
•    Keep your distance from the vehicle. Do not attempt to get closer to read a license plate or to investigate the situation—the driver has already shown himself or herself to be unpredictable and dangerous. You do not want to be anywhere near this vehicle if it crashes.
•    Don’t attempt to stop the vehicle. If the driver is inebriated enough or disabled enough to have difficultly driving, it’s doubtful that you will be able to get the driver’s attention or stop the car. Let the police handle the situation.

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