Some insurance adjusters have a lot to say in the days after a Virginia truck accident. They want to keep you, the victim, talking. They want you to say things that will cast doubt on how the accident occurred or how badly you were injured. They want information that may make your case worth less.

What the Insurance Adjuster May Say and What He or She May Mean

Some of the things that you may hear from an insurance adjuster include:

  • What did you do today? The adjuster may be trying to determine what the impact of your injuries is on your life.
  • Have you ever been hurt before? The adjuster my be trying to figure out if you have preexisting conditions that may be causing your current pain.
  • Do you know how the recovery process works? The adjuster may want to know how much you know and how much he or she can influence your understanding of how the recovery process may work.
  • What can you tell me about the accident? The adjuster may be hoping that you may admit being distracted, in a hurry, or otherwise doing something that contributed to the accident and your resulting injuries.

Of course, each insurance adjuster has his or her own way of questioning victims and may ask other tricky questions in an effort to influence your recovery.

Call a Warren County Truck Accident Lawyer to Find Out the Truth

An experienced Warren County truck accident attorney will not play these games with you. Instead, your lawyer will be on your side and will work hard to get you the recovery that you deserve. For more information about protecting your rights and getting the recovery that you deserve, please call a Virginia truck accident lawyer today at 540-636-700 or 888-534-5346.

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