In a recent article on motorcycle insurance coverage, we indicated what you should look for when buying insurance for your new bike.

Another angle to the motorcycle insurance topic is this: How do insurers look at you?

Many things affect the cost of bike insurance, including personal information, the type of motorcycle, its use, etc. Insurers who are familiar with motorcycles will ask a lot of questions before giving you a quote, such as:

  • How old are you? Accident rates vary widely with age.
  • Did you complete a motorcycle training course? This could make a big difference.
  • What is your driving record? Accidents and violations influence opinion.
  • Bike brand, type, and power? This determines accident and theft rates.
  • What do you use the bike for? In town or rural, commuting or leisure?
  • Mileage and period of the year? Summer or weekends only?

There are other factors influencing the cost of your insurance, such as when you group the coverage of various vehicles with one company, or the amount of the deductible you are willing to accept. Be mindful that the best way to lower your insurance cost over time is to ride carefully.

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