Maybe it was the burger wrapper that you noticed first, but it didn’t have to be that specific clue. Instead, you may have noticed the other driver wiping mustard off his face, brushing crumbs from his shirt, or telling you that he was finishing his lunch while driving. Whether it was lunch, breakfast, dinner, or a snack, the other driver may have been distracted and may have caused a Front Royal car accident as a result of eating and driving.

Why Eating and Driving Is Dangerous

The federal government describes distracted driving as anything that:

  • Takes your hands off the steering wheel.
  • Your eyes off the road.
  • Your mind off driving safely.

A driver need only meet one of these criteria to be distracted. Eating, however, can result in all three types of distraction. Specifically:

  • Eating requires you to have at least one hand on your food or utensil and, thus, not on the steering wheel.
  • Eating may require you to look at your food or your hand to make sure that the food is not getting all over you or the car. Thus, you may glance away from the road.
  • Eating may cause you to think about your food while you should be thinking about the cars around you.

For these reasons, eating can lead to serious distracted driving crashes.

Call a Front Royal Car Accident Attorney if You’ve Been Hurt

If you have been hurt by any kind of negligent driver, then it is important to contact an experienced Front Royal car accident lawyer as soon as possible after your crash. Your attorney can advise you of your rights and possible recovery. Please contact one of our car accident attorneys in Front Royal today via this website or at 540-636-7100 or 888-534-5346 for more information.

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