You pass tractor-trailers almost every day. The most obvious difference between tractor-trailer trucks and passenger cars is clearly their size. Yet, if you are not involved in a Warrenton tractor-trailer accident, the size doesn’t matter. However, if you are hurt in a Warrenton truck wreck, the size of the truck could result in your serious truck accident injuries.

3 Ways Big-Rigs Aren’t Like Passenger Cars

The size of the truck isn’t merely a visual difference. Instead, the mass of an 18-wheeler makes it harder to:

  1. Stop quickly in an emergency. If a vehicle in front of a truck stops suddenly, a person or animal suddenly enters the road, or there is another emergency, it can be difficult for a trucker to stop quickly.
  2. See all the other vehicles on the road. Blind spots can be a problem for large trucks.
  3. Change lanes quickly without tipping over. The size of the truck may make a quick lane change dangerous.

Together, these differences can make it more challenging to drive a tractor-trailer and more difficult for tractor-trailer drivers to avoid motor vehicle accidents.

Warrenton Truck Accident Recoveries Are Also Different

Tractor-trailer accidents may have different causes than car accidents, and they may result in more serious injuries or other types of motor vehicle crashes, but those are not the only differences. Tractor-trailer accident recoveries are also different than other types of recoveries because they involve trucking companies and professional drivers.

For more information about your potential truck accident recovery, please contact an experienced Warrenton truck accident attorney today via this website or by calling 540-341-0007 or 888-907-2631 for a free consultation.

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