There’s a lot to think about following a Virginia car accident, and you may be tempted to put it all behind you by throwing everything out associated with the damages. This is often a huge mistake that accident victims make – the damaged items from your vehicle could be critical evidence in your injury claim!

Visual evidence of the damages you and your property sustained after an accident can improve your chances greatly at settling an injury claim. Aside from photographs, you should keep all property that was damaged in the car accident, including: 

  • the clothing you were wearing;
  • child safety equipment such as car seats;
  • damaged goods inside the vehicle; and
  • the vehicle itself. 

To keep your vehicle intact, even if it’s a total loss, make sure you know where the wreckage is towed and verify that it will be stored, not destroyed, until you can give the tow service further instructions. 

If your case requires an accident reconstructionist to help provide expert testimony on the factors of the crash, a Front Royal injury law firm can help put you in contact with the right experts. In many cases the physical pieces of evidence can speak volumes about who was at fault for a Virginia car accident and how severe the accident was.

Make sure you consult your attorney before throwing away or destroying any physical evidence of your accident. The information these damaged items can provide could be the difference between a fair settlement and a denial of your injury claim.

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