The scariest thing imaginable is being stuck in a deadly situation without a way to escape. How often have you awakened in a panic from a nightmare in which a danger gets closer and closer, and you were unable to do anything about it?

Fortunately, in real life—in contrast to dreams—we can plan ahead. For instance, when it comes to being trapped inside a car, you should never be without options. No matter if the danger is a car fire after being broadsided on I-66 or rushing water after your vehicle was pushed into the Shenandoah, with the proper tools you should be able to break free and save yourself and your family.

Car Fire Safety Tools

Even if you think you’ll never use them, or need them, every driver should always keep these five tools within arm’s reach:

  1. Belt cutter. In certain situations, your seat belt can become jammed, preventing you from getting out as well as cutting off circulation to your chest and abdomen. A belt cutter can be used to sever the strap above the belt to set you free.
  2. Sharp knife. A sharp and durable knife can be used not only to cut restraints, but also to cut away debris (such as loose ceiling material), clothing, or upholstery.
  3. Window breaker. Car windows are specifically designed to be tougher than regular glass and can be difficult to break. However, when your door is jammed and you have to make a quick escape, the window is the best option. Therefore, a window breaker is your best hope for freedom from the peril in the vehicle.
  4. Multipurpose car tool. A multipurpose car tool is an all-in-one safety tool that includes a belt cutter, window breaker, flashlight, and sometimes even a radio and phone charger for when you’re stuck on the side of the road.
  5. Wool or flame-resistant blanket. When you can’t make a quick and safe escape from a car fire and must wait for help, a wool or flame-retardant blanket can help protect you from burns and scalding. Note: getting away from the fire is always the safest option; do not stay and use the blanket unless you absolutely must.

Remember, you never think you need something until you don’t have it. Don’t let a car fire be your first and perhaps last warning. Stock up on safety tools to keep your family secure, just in case.

Protecting Your Family After an Accident

The tools we’ve listed can help ensure your safety during an accident, but what about after? What do you do once the fire is out, and you’re left with emotional, physical, and psychological scars and injuries? Simple. You call us!

We’ll help you file an injury claim and get the compensation you need for you and your family. We know how coldhearted and arrogant insurance companies can be when they’re keeping you from your rightful settlement. We also know how to fight them. Call us today for a free consultation, and allow us to fight for you. You have enough to worry about; don’t let them confuse the issue. Call now!

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