It depends. When a car accident results in nothing more than minor vehicle damage, you generally can resolve the claim with the insurance company without too much hassle. On the other hand, a lawyer can really help when there are serious injuries involved. Those are the types of cases that can be tricky.

What most people don’t realize is that after a major car crash, the insurance company is going to be looking to minimize their liability. They don’t want to be on the line for expensive medical care, lost wages and any other economic losses that resulted from the accident. Therefore, they will often search out ways to either deny a claim or get the claimant to accept a low settlement offer. It can become very difficult to get a reasonable settlement from the insurance company.

So to answer this question, you need to answer one first—were there significant injuries involved? If you answered “yes,” then you need to contact a lawyer. An experienced attorney will be able to step in on your behalf and negotiate with the insurance company so that you don’t have to. Your lawyer will work hard to ensure you are fairly compensated for your Haymarket car accident case.

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