Lee Highway is one of the most important truck routes in the entire commonwealth of Virginia. It helps bring hundreds of trucks and truckers through Northern Virginia on a regular basis. Although this is great for our economy, the constant flow of truckers getting off 29 and maneuvering around downtown at Route 15/29 Business and Route 229 increases the potential for collisions.

Over 35 percent of all truck accidents occur in or near intersections. Since trucks have difficulty maneuvering around corners, when they’re forced to make 90-egree turns at an intersections, billions of dollars worth of damage and countless injuries can be the result.

Left Turn Truck Dangers

Intersections can be dangerous places for any driver. Drivers may not adhere to all traffic stops and congestion can make it hard to turn. However, the risk and potential damage is much greater for large trucks. Left hand turns pose several problems for trucks that if not handled properly, can cause massive damage, severe injuries, and death.

  • Crossing additional traffic: Turning left at an intersection triples the odds of a collision because you and trucks are forced to cross up to two lanes of traffic, bike lanes, and a crosswalk. If other vehicles, bikers, or pedestrians aren’t paying attention and attempt to cross in front of the truck, a tragic collision may occur.
  • Precariously wide turns: Truck beds and trailers cannot make 90-degree turns as easily as smaller vehicles; therefore, truck drivers must compensate by widening their berth to avoid going up on curves or into other lanes of traffic. However, if the driver misjudges the turn, other drivers are blocking his path or pedestrians are decreasing the amount of room he has to turn, he’ll be unable to maneuver and may cause an accident.
  • Decreased visibility: Trucks have extended blind spots on their left side, making it more difficult for truck drivers to see cars next to them and pedestrians in crosswalks.

When you’re at an intersection with a truck or large vehicle, it’s always best to give it extra room to move and to cede the right of way when in doubt whose turn it is to go. Never drive beyond the stop line into the intersection. For your and your family’s protection, always make sure you take extra precautions when large trucks and semis are attempting to turn in intersections, especially when turning left.

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