The important information to collect in a typical motor vehicle accident—such as names, license numbers, phone numbers, and insurance information for all drivers involved, as well as names and contact information for any witnesses—is also important to collect in a Virginia tractor trailer accident. There are, however, some additional pieces of information that are helpful to gather in a trucking collision.

One of the most urgent questions to ask what type of cargo the truck driver is carrying. This information could be critical in preventing additional problems from occurring at the scene of the accident. Some trucks carry dangerous chemicals and other hazardous materials that could present a serious threat to everyone at the accident scene.

Another question to remember to ask the truck driver is who he or she works for and reports to in an emergency situation such as this. The company that employs the driver might have some degree of liability for the accident and any injuries sustained in the wreck.

You also want to make sure the collision wasn’t caused by fatigue. Truck drivers must log the number of hours they’re on the road and how long they’ve rested. If the driver involved in the accident decided to push it that day or night and was too tired to be driving, that’s a valuable piece of information for your case.

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