If you were involved in a car accident and are pursuing a personal injury claim, you may be wondering how a fair settlement is calculated. You should know that there is no set formula on determining how much a plaintiff can receive because each injury case is unique and has different number of elements to consider; however, based on past cases and knowledge of the law, a Gainesville car accident attorney can estimate how much you may be entitled to and what compensation you could pursue. 

When calculating a car accident settlement these factors come into play: 

  • the physical injuries and impairment you have sustained;
  • the cost of medical bills to deal with these physical injuries;
  • the length of your recovery;
  • the future cost of medical treatment, if on-going;
  • past and future physical pain and suffering;
  • past and future emotional and mental distress; and
  • the cost of car repair bills. 

Other special extenuating circumstances may be included, dependent on the situation. In states where a “no-fault” policy exists you may not be able to collect on pain and suffering from the insurance company, but may be able to do so against the driver; however, these are factors a Gainesvillecar accident attorney will consider when calculating how much to pursue in a personal injury claim. 

In order to increase your chances of a fair and full settlement, you should keep copies of all police reports, medical records and repair invoices to help achieve an accurate amount as well. 

Contacting a  Car Accident Attorney for Help with Your Claim 

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