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Fair and Equitable – What Does That Mean if You’ve Been Hurt in a Virginia Truck Wreck?

You were lucky enough to survive a Virginia tractor-trailer accident, but you didn’t escape without injuries. Instead, you were seriously injured and left with a stack of medical bills and other expenses at a time when you are unable to work. Everyone seems to want to know when they will get money from you and how much you will give them. However, without knowing what your potential settlement might be for your accident injuries, it can be difficult to know how to plan your future.

What May Be Included in a Virginia Tractor-Trailer Settlement

If you have been hurt in a Virginia truck crash, then you may be able to recover monetary damages for:

  • Medical expenses, including surgeries, rehabilitation therapies, doctors’ appointments, hospital stays, medical devices, medications, and other costs.
  • Lost income, if you are unable to work or unable to work the same job or same hours as you did prior to the crash.
  • Your physical pain and emotional suffering.
  • Permanent injuries that you incur.
  • Personal property damage that resulted from your accident.

These types of damages are not limited to what you have already incurred; they also apply to what you are expected to incur in the future. Thus, your compensation for your medical expenses, lost income, pain, suffering, and permanent injuries may be significantly higher than what you have already incurred.

Call a Front Royal Truck Accident Lawyer to Learn More about Your Specific Settlement

Since everyone’s case is unique, and since you have suffered damages unlike anybody else, we are unable to give you a specific amount that you should expect as settlement for your truck accident injuries in this general article.

We can, however, give you more specific information if you contact our Front Royal truck accident lawyers directly at 888-534-5346 or 540-636-7100.

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