As a doctor, you know how to keep yourself healthy. You know how to eat right, you exercise regularly, and you get all the recommended medical screening tests. However, your life may still be at risk as you travel to and from work.

Doctors Need to Stay Safe While Commuting

You may be in excellent health; however, your life may still be at risk while you are commuting to and from work if you:

  • Are tired. A recent study from the Mayo Clinic found that 11% of interns report getting into car accidents while training and 43% report near-miss accidents. Fatigue can significantly impact your ability to drive safely and should always be considered before you get behind the wheel.
  • Use your cell phone. You may have doctors, patients, friends, and relatives waiting for return calls from you. It is tempting to use your time in the car to make these calls. However, using a cell phone while driving can result in a serious distracted driving crash.
  • Eat a meal. You are understandably busy, and you may not have had time to eat at work. However, eating a meal can be distracting and result in a serious car accident. Accordingly, it is important to eat before you leave work or when you reach your destination.

You know better than most the serious consequences of a Virginia car accident. Thus, it is important to take all steps possible to prevent such accident injuries.

Call a Warrenton Car Accident Lawyer if You’ve Been Hurt in a Crash

Unfortunately, you can’t control everything. If someone else has hurt you in a Virginia car crash, please call an experienced Warrenton car accident attorney today at 540-341-0007 or 888-907-2631 for more information and for a free consultation.

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