Your doctor likely has a specific plan to help you recover from your ankle injury. Depending on the type of ankle injury you suffered, that plan could include surgery, a cast, physical therapy, and/or rest. It will likely require patience, as some of the things that you took for granted, such as driving and walking, may be impacted. You may be spending less time at work, less time with the grandkids, or less time doing the things that you enjoy while you recover from your ankle injury. You are pleased with your doctor’s prognosis, and you know that you will heal, but that does not take away the physical pain, emotional suffering, and potential financial loss that you are experiencing now.

You May Be Able to Recover for Your Ankle Injury

There is no requirement that an injury be permanent in order for you to recover damages for your slip-and-fall accident. Instead, you will need to prove that you fell because of a defect that was made known or should have been made known to the property owner or manager, and that your fall caused your physical injuries.

An experienced Virginia personal injury lawyer may be able to help you recover money for your past, current, and future:

  • Medical expenses
  • Rehabilitation costs (such as physical therapy)
  • Lost income
  • Out-of-pocket costs
  • Pain and suffering

You may also recover for other specific damages that you sustained because of your fall accident injury.

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Great tips. My father had this injury few years back. I wish I could get that at that moment. Still it is helping!
by Forklift Service November 11, 2013 at 07:03 AM
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