When a person suffers trauma in a car accident, his or her road confidence may be shattered. Safe driving starts with confidence, which can be gained by filing a claim with a personal injury attorney. 

Get a Top-Rated Safety Vehicle 

Crash tests are performed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (front, side and rollover-resistance tests) and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (front, side and rear impact testing). These studies reveal that larger, heavier vehicles generally afford more protection than smaller, lighter ones. 

Check Turning, Brake and Tail Lights 

Your vehicle’s safety lights are your best defense on Virginia roads because they tell other drivers where your car is headed. To boost your road confidence, periodically test your brakes to make sure they are in good working order. 

Adjust Mirrors 

While your lights tell other drivers about your driving, your car’s mirrors tell you about the next move of other drivers. Check that your rear vision mirror and the wing mirrors are aligned properly every time you get in the car to drive. 

Contact a Front Royal Personal Injury Attorney 

If you still can’t get your driving confidence back, you may be suffering from an anxiety disorder or post-traumatic stress that requires further medical care. The personal injury attorneys of Dulaney, Lauer & Thomas LLP are ready to restore your confidence in a legal system that will compensate you fairly for your anxiety-related injuries. For a free case analysis, please call our law office at 1-540-636-7100 or 1-888-534-5346 or complete our online contact form today.

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