It doesn’t seem like life can go on without your spouse or your parent. How are you supposed to care about mundane things like paying the bills when your whole life has changed, and there is no way to fix it? It can be difficult to imagine summoning the energy to fight for the income that your family has lost due to your loved one’s fatal accident. 

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You don’t need the pressure of arguing about lost income with an insurer or other responsible party. Yet, you, your children, and/or your siblings deserve to maintain the same standard of living that you enjoyed prior to the accident. Life will go on despite your suffering, and you do not need the added stress of paying the bills.

Accordingly, Virginia wrongful death law may allow you to recover for your loved one’s lost income. In calculating that income, the following things may be considered:

  • The income that your loved one was making prior to his or her death
  • The likelihood of raises, or wage increases, in years to come
  • Your loved one’s age and how long he or she had left before retirement
  • Your loved one’s job benefits (such as health insurance)
  • Other factors relevant to the calculation of future income

Once you reach a settlement, or jury verdict, that will likely be the only money that you recover for your loved one’s lost income. Therefore, it is important to fight hard for your just recovery.

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