The scene of a Virginia accident is often chaotic. You have been hurt, and it seems that before you can attend to your injuries, there are other people demanding your attention. The other driver won’t stop talking to you, and the police are asking you a lot of questions. You are trying to cooperate, but you are scared, in pain, and confused.

Try Never to Say These 3 Things

It is important for you to avoid saying:

  • It was all my fault. You do not want to take responsibility for the accident before you know exactly what happened. Maybe you were not at fault for the crash. If you were, you can always take responsibility later.
  • I didn’t even see you. This may be evidence that you were distracted or not paying attention to the road.
  • No, really, I’m fine. You may not be fine. You can’t make that determination without seeing your doctor.

Any of these statements may be misunderstood and later used against you. 

Call a Warrenton Car Accident Lawyer, Even if You Have Said These Things

What you say at a car accident scene may be used against you, but it alone does not determine your recovery. Instead, it is important to contact a Warrenton auto accident attorney, to tell your lawyer what you said, and to learn more about your legal rights and possible recovery. Our experienced Virginia accident injury lawyers would be happy to talk to you, even if you didn’t do everything right at the scene of the crash. Please call us today at 540-341-0007 or 888-907-2631 for more information.

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