It seems like there is a safety campaign for everything these days. Do you ever wonder why? It’s because many things have a higher risk for injury or death and the more knowledge that people have, the better off they are. This is also true with motorcycles. Riding a bike has its definite benefits but it also comes with some added risk. Learning about the cause of over half of the Virginia motorcycle accidents that occur may help save your life the next time you are out on the road.

Virginia motorcycle accidents happen every day. Over half of these accidents are caused by a lack of visibility from the driver of the car or truck. It is very easy to lose sight of a motorcycle. This is especially true on a busy highway. Many riders have a bike for the “thrill” of the ride and to save on commuting costs. Either way, the risk is still the same. It is important for people on motorcycles to stay visible. It can be very tempting to want to zip in and out of traffic because you can, but this is a very dangerous practice. You have no way of knowing when traffic will speed up or slow down. You may also not have enough time or space to get out of the way of a car changing lanes. A car may think the coast is clear, and crash!—you’re on the ground. It’s important to look out for yourself and practice safe riding procedures. 

Another thing to keep in mind when out on the road is that a bike lacks some of the crucial safety elements that a vehicle has on standard. You are more susceptible to traumatic brain injuries, serious leg injuries, and death, because a bike lacks the protective “bubble.” 

Did a close family member suffer from a lack of visibility on a Culpeper roadway? They may be entitled to compensation and help. The best way to find out is to speak with a Virginia personal injury attorney. The people at Dulaney, Lauer & Thomas are more than happy to talk to you and discuss your case.  

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