One of the most common phrases uttered by motorists involved in an accident with a motorcycle is “I didn’t see the bike.” It is very easy for a motorcycle rider to get lost in a car’s blind spot, resulting in a serious Virginia motorcycle accident.

One of the most important factors in preventing an accident is visibility. As a biker, you need to make sure you are aware of the traffic, and that the other motorists can see you. When on a bike, you lack the safety elements that are inherent in a car or truck. This means that as a bike rider, you must be sure to be doubly careful about your decisions on the road. 

It has been determined that at least of half of motorcycle accidents happen between a motor vehicle and a bike. The most common reason for an accident is an inability to see the motorcycle. Too many things can cause a change the quality of visibility for a motorist, ranging from sun glare to heavy traffic to the classic blind spot. As a motorcyclist, you have a responsibility to help out the other driver and yourself by making yourself as visible as possible. This includes not speeding in between lanes during heavy traffic, or getting too close to another vehicle. Due to the fact that a bike is much smaller and agile, there is a temptation to sneak in and out of traffic and ride on the shoulder. This action may give you a thrill, but can also put you and others in danger. Weaving in and out of traffic often results in the rider being thrown from his bike and sustaining serious and sometimes fatal injuries.

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